As a young girl, I kept wondering why pumpkins are taken as inferior crops despite their nutritional value and medicinal impact on mainly the deadly non-transmitted diseases like Diabetes blood pressure, heart diseases, obesity and prostate cancer. Pumpkins were having a low consuming power and considered as women food in Rwanda, their seeds were thrown away as wests while they are healthier than pumpkins, their prices were very low to the farmers even if they are easy to grow and have the capacity to grow in any part of the country. I was a student at university of Rwanda when I tried to prototype pumpkin bread so as to bring it in DOT Rwanda Youth social innovators competition. I did it as just to end training not to compete fortunately I had wondered how everyone was interested and became the first winner with strong and social innovation! I was motivated and tried to think deeply outside the box and value beneficial innovation, I started on the research on value addition of the pumpkins to help farmers get a better price for their pumpkins, employ some unemployed youth, make pumpkins in a more edible forms so that people can get the nutritional value of this crop without necessary eating them after being prescribed by the doctors. Finally, this innovation would make living for me without necessarily waiting for office jobs. I have managed to start-up a social enterprise that produces pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin seed flour and roasted pumpkin seeds. I often dreamed to be a job creator not a job seeker, Currently I have 10 permanent employees and several casual workers. I organized a cooperatives of pumpkin women growers so as to consistently get raw materials and also help these women get a better market for their pumpkins. Now, my innovation and determination has become a wake-up motivation to several youth who still thought of office jobs only.